Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Pro's and Con's of Deviated Septum Surgery


· Breath more freely and less sinus infections.

· Can help in the removal or lessening of effects of sleep apnea

· Improvements to your nose's appearance such as: increasing or decreasing its size, making it wider or narrower, removing bumps, changing its contour, and changing the size or shape of your nostrils

· If you have a deviated septum, surgery known as septoplasty can correct the problem. Some people have blocked or malformed nasal passages which make it difficult to breathe properly.

· The surgery is minimally invasive and you can usually go home the same day.


· If too much tissue is removed, you could have a collapsed septum, making the nose look deformed

· A perforated septum, a hole in the septum that whistles when you breathe and can cause bleeding

· As with any surgery, there is always a risk of infection. This infection will be treated with an antibiotic

· You may experience numbness of the nose, cheeks, and upper lip. Numbness in the tip of the nose may take several months to return to normal. Other areas will resolve more quickly.

· One of the extremely rare but serious complications of deviated septum surgery is cerebrospinal fluid leak. Cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid that travels through the ventricals of the brain Nasal obstruction due to failure to straighten the septum or later re-deviation of the septum, or the re- growth or swelling of the turbinates.


  1. In a few months I will go for a nose surgery by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, because I'm facing with this annoying problem and I want to breath properly.
    I'm sure that it won't be that easy, but I don't really care if I'll get my desired results. I can't wait 'til then.

    1. I'm getting ready to have mine done to help my sleep apnea. I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous.
      I was wondering if you could share with me how the procedure went with you. Also, how did the recovery go for you?
      Most of all, are you glad that you had the procedure done or basically, was it worth it?

  2. Hello Carl, I like your blog. The content about "The Pro's and Con's of Deviated Septum Surgery" is very informative. I think that its a fresh news for everyone.I am really thankful to you for providing this unique information. Please keep sharing more and more information....

  3. is it hard to breathe after you have it done my doctor looked at mine and didn't even notice it ? and i dont breath that bad as it is i have been this way for 45 years what do you think please be honest undecided

  4. September 25th 2017 i had septoplasty surgery , ive since had a sinus infection and now bronchitus.. this was the worst decision ive ever made as far as surgerys go. i dont recomend it whatsoever.. if you have questions ask me .. Id rather snore then gop through this ever again